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Watchdog Decries Cost-Cutting Stunt to Put Corporate Donors in Charge

Washington, D.C.—The U.S. House of Representatives will take up a measure today (H.R. 359) that, if passed, will place elections more squarely in the hands of corporate interests by repealing the presidential campaign financing system, according to a leading national watchdog group, Public Campaign Action Fund. Republican lawmakers pushing the repeal claim they are doing so to save money, but a review of earmarks secured by the lawmakers pushing the change suggest they would have saved more by starting with their own legislative pork.

Lungren’s Earmark Requests for Donors Called Example of What’s Wrong in Washington

Campaign Money Watch

New report, called “Lungren’s Give-to-Get Earmarks,” details five 2009-2010 requests were all to help Lungren’s campaign donors


Full report at www.campaignmoney.org/danlungren