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House Subsidies Supporters Receive Over $1.2 Million from Big Oil in First Six Months of 2011

Members of Congress Voted to Protect Taxpayer Handouts & Accepted Campaign Cash During Six Months

WASHINGTON – Some of Big Oil’s most loyal defenders raked in plenty of campaign cash from the nation’s most profitable oil companies even while they voted to protect taxpayer handouts to those same companies. U.S. House members who supported these unnecessary handouts received a total of $1.2 million from the political action committees (PACs) of the top U.S.

Mike Simpson Rewards Big Campaign Donors

Washington, D.C.—Campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund blasted Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) for leading his subcommittee’s efforts to provide hand outs to big money donors as part of the appropriations process. Simpson is chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies, which this afternoon passed an appropriations bill that would 1) restrict funding to protect public health and the environment, 2) expand offshore drilling, and 3) weaken rules on greenhouse gas emissions and pollution standards.

Senate Finance Committee Awash in Campaign Cash from Big Oil

Press Release from Oil Change International and Public Campaign Action Fund

Washington, D.C.--As representatives of the biggest oil companies are called to testify in front of the Senate Finance Committee today about oil and gas tax subsidies and rising energy prices, environmental and campaign finance reform groups pointed to the millions of dollars Senators have received from oil and gas company donors and PACs since 1999.

House Members Side with Big Oil After Taking $8.7 Million in Campaign Cash

Washington, D.C.---U.S. House members who defeated a measure to begin debate on legislation to end certain subsidies for oil companies received five times more in campaign contributions, on average, from the oil and gas industry in the 2010 election cycle than those who voted to proceed with the motion, according to campaign watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund.

Public Interest Groups Criticize Vote to Extend Taxpayer Subsidies for Oil Companies

On March 2, Public Campaign Action Fund and the League of Conservation Voters criticized several U.S. House members for voting against a measure that would've temporarily ended wasteful and unnecessary taxpayer subsidies for oil companies. The members--both Democrats and Republicans--all took tens of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from oil and gas interests during their time in Congress.

The press release for each of the members criticized is below:

New Report: House Energy Committee’s Close Ties to Energy Industry Interests

Washington, D.C.—As the Energy and Power Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee begins hearings today on legislation to weaken the EPA and Clean Air Act, a new report from Public Campaign Action Fund shows close ties between energy interests and committee members.