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McConnell’s Efforts at Supreme Court to Eliminate Contribution Limits Subject of New Television Ad Campaign

Public interest groups call out unpopular position as McConnell’s attorney makes case to highest court in McCutcheon v Federal Election Commission

Lexington, Ky.

Kentucky 2014: The first $100 million Senate race?

The Washington Post reported this weekend that "Mitch McConnell's re-election bid in Kentucky may result in the first Senate contest to crest the $100 million mark," which would be nearly $20 million more than the record-setting Massachusetts Senate race in 2012 and roughly triple what was spent on McConnell's re-election in 2008.

McConnell’s Re-Election Message of Fighting Washington Launched Within Days of Raising Money from Washington Lobbyists

As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell launches his re-election campaign with a new television ad claiming he's protecting Kentucky against Washington, he will attend at least two big money fundraisers with Washington lobbyists and well-connected donors.

Mitch McConnell Pushes Hand Out to Big Oil Donors

Press release from Energy Action Coalition and Public Campaign Action Fund

Washington, D.C.—Energy Action Coalition and Public Campaign Action Fund blasted Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) today for his legislation, S. 953, that would dramatically expand offshore oil drilling in the country, another handout to his Big Oil donors, just weeks after his push to gut the Clean Air Act and a day after he voted against ending subsidies for big oil companies.