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Dave Camp Will Raise Money from Lobbyists Hours Before Looking at Their Client’s Tax Loopholes

Washington, D.C.—Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.) will hold a fundraiser Wednesday with the same corporate interests he will be looking at as part of his role in the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction, according to campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund.

Wisconsin Republicans Vote Against Workers—Raise Money From DC Lobbyists

Host Firm is Lobbyist for Major Walker Donors, Foreign Corporations and Government

Washington, D.C.—Next week, Wisconsin Republican lawmakers will appear at a Washington, D.C., fundraiser on March 16th hosted by one of the country’s biggest lobbying firms, BGR Group, according to a report in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. The lobbying firm’s clients include major foreign corporations and Wisconsin Energies Corp., whose executives were major donors to Governor Scott Walker’s (R-Wisc.) campaign.