Radio Ad Asks Ohio Candidates to Break from Bob Ney's Legacy and Support Voters First Pledge

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A campaign finance watchdog group announced that it would begin airing a new radio advertisement in Ohio to urge that all candidates seeking to replace disgraced Rep. Bob Ney (R) sign a pledge to clean up Congress.


The radio ad will run throughout Ohio’s 18th Congressional District and will air 331 times on different stations between now and the special primary election on Thursday, September 14th. The ad uses the voice of a fictitious Scottish golf caddie who describes Rep. Ney’s all-expense paid trip to Scotland with convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The ad urges Ohio voters to “ask every candidate who wants their vote to sign the Voters First Pledge, for a real reform agenda to clean up Congress.”


“Bob Ney’s legacy is one of corruption and putting the interests of donors and lobbyists ahead of his constituents,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “With Ney removing himself from the ballot, voters have a chance to send a new representative to Congress, but first they should ask if candidates will put voters first by signing this pledge.”


The Voters First Pledge, which is supported by Common Cause, Public Citizen, Public Campaign Action Fund, and other national and state organizations, asks candidates to, if elected, support Clean Elections-style public financing legislation; enhance accountability through tougher ethics and lobbying laws; and protect voters’ right-to-know through additional transparency on the role lobbyists play in raising and donating money to political campaigns and politicians.


The groups plan a late September unveiling of the hundreds of congressional candidates who have already signed the Voters First Pledge.


“When it comes to corruption scandals, the state of Ohio – and this district – is considered by some as ‘ground zero,’” said Donnelly. “We urge all candidates to sign on to the Voters First Pledge, and we ask all Ohioans to investigate the clear choice between candidates who sign the Voters First Pledge and those who defend the pay-to-play system that led to Bob Ney’s demise.”


Public Campaign Action Fund is a national nonpartisan watchdog organization dedicated to reforming America’s campaign finance laws. It also works to hold candidates accountable for the favors they give to special interest donors.


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Ad Script


"Bad Swing" - 60-Second Radio Ad


Background: Sound of golf swing…


Scottish caddie: Fore!


Here at St. Andrews, I’ve carried bags for movie stars, athletes….


Background: Whoosh


Scottish caddie: American politicians and lobbyists, too. Had a Congressman from Ohio here a few years back: Bob Ney. On an all-expense paid trip with a lobbyist by the name of Jack Abramoff. Mister Ney … wicked slice.


Background: Whoosh


Scottish caddie: Always in the rough.


And I’ve heard he’s in some deep rough back home now. Not surprising. You can tell a lot about a golfer’s character by the way he swings a club. If he swings it crooked, well….


Announcer: When lobbyists are taking our Congressmen on all-expense paid junkets and raising campaign money, it’s not just the golf swing that’s crooked.


And that’s why Ohioans should ask every candidate who wants their vote to sign the Voters First Pledge, for a real reform agenda to clean up Congress. Find out more at


Scottish caddie: In golf, you gotta keep ‘em straight.


Announcer: In politics, too.


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